Thursday, August 5, 2010

How we can help you secure a trademark

If you are thinking of securing a federally registered trademark for an existing product or service, or one you intend to offer, we can help. The first thing we do is to check for conflicting registered and common law trademarks. It is not enough to simply do a search at the USPTO for the exact trademark you wish to use. You need to consider variations, both in word and sound, as well as similar trademarks for closely related products. Next, we expand the search to consider other sources, including various Internet based searches, company name directories and other data.

Assuming no conflicts are found, we can file the application for you and shepherd it through the process, which can take 12-18 months (sometimes longer). Applications for existing products or services require samples of use of the trademark in commerce (advertisements, web pages, invoices - depends on the nature of the goods or service). Where the application is based on intent to use (for that new product in development), final registration will depend on proving actual use.

Fees and costs for a single class application tend to be in the $700-800 range, which includes the $325 fee to the USPTO. More involved applications result in higher costs as do the need to respond to the Trademark Office.

I am always happy to answer questions and can be reached via email at or phone 203-744-1929. Further information about me can be found at